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Tacos and Tassels

In honor of Taco Tuesday, I wanted to highlight my absolute favorite place in Portland for tacos: Por Qué No?

This place has the most authentic Mexican food and I honestly can’t get enough of it. I’m not very picky when it comes to Mexican food because I love all the spices and it’s hard to go wrong with it, but nothing compares to the food I had when I visited Cabo 3 years ago. Finding a place in Portland with food to match it was a dream come true! And the fun, colorful aesthetic of the two locations is pretty sweet as well!

This place gets really busy in the evening so be prepared to stand in line.

If you’ve been pondering my blog name, you probably already know that I love tequila! Honestly, I kind of have a love/hate relationship with tequila. If I’m staining my tees with it then it probably means I’ve had too much and I need to switch to vodka for a couple months. But the margaritas at Por Qué No? have reignited my love for tequila, instead of forcing some flashbacks of a rather embarrassing trip to the ER back in January…

Seriously, their margaritas are delicious! Just the right balance of sweet while still strong enough to taste the tequila. They sell classic and pomegranate, but I would suggest trying the seasonal flavors. My personal favorite was Blood Orange, back in July.

I went out for margaritas with my brother last week because they are one of the few alcoholic drinks he likes. I love beer but somehow I ended up being the only person in my family who does… I have 3 brothers so when I want to get drinks “with the guys” we go for margaritas. Weird, right?

We both stuck to tacos but they also offer tamales and other classics.

If you’re going for the tacos then I recommend the following: carnitas, pollo asado, and chorizo. Those were our favs!

Whenever I go out to eat I always tend to plan my outfit based on the aesthetic of the restaurant or bar I’m going to. Maybe that’s weird or maybe that’s cool. Who knows?

The location we picked was the one on Mississippi Avenue. The restaurant looks as though it was built into the basement of an old house, which still stands above it. String lights hang over the crowd of people, waiting to order. The walls are pale pink and inside is dimly lit but you can see there are flags and posters that line the walls. In one corner is a huge chalkboard with the menu written in various colors of chalk, and on the bar there are pitchers full of Sangria and margarita mixes.

So I picked my most colorful shirt and the off-the-shoulder trend is perfect for drinks on a hot Summer night! I bought mine at Anthropologie and it happens to be on sale now!

My favorite part about this outfit are the earrings though! I have been loving the tassel trend and only just recently hopped on the bandwagon. I bought some sandals earlier on in the Summer with tassels but I don’t actually like sandals… That was an impulse buy, to be honest. But these earrings make up for it!

I couldn’t remember the last time I wore dangly earrings but I think I’m kind of obsessed now. I can’t wait to incorporate more statement earrings into my Fall wardrobe!

Where is your favorite Taco Tuesday spot? Whether it’s in Portland or not, I wanna know!

If you don’t have a plan for Taco Tuesday yet then I definitely recommend hitting up this place! Here are their two locations:

3524 N Mississippi Ave. Portland, OR 97227


4635 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, OR 97215

Photos of me were taken by my brother, Cameron!

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