Cleanse Update: 14 Days Away From Insanity

I hate to sound dramatic but… this “cleanse” makes me feel like I’m dying.

I was stoked to jump into it at the beginning and I loved all the healthy food. My smoothies in the morning are delicious and I’ve been feeling great after getting so many vitamins from the fruits and veggies I’m eating. But this has completely cleaned my body out. Last time I did this cleanse I was just getting more sleep. This time around I can feel my body getting cleaned out. Which is great… but it was painful and now that process is over and I just feel like I’m going insane.

Here is another tip I’m adding for those who might be considering this cleanse: DON’T DO IT IN THE FALL!

I want cinnamon rolls and pumpkin bread and hot cocoa! I don’t want a taco without a shell because I can’t have corn. I want coffee instead of a smoothie in the morning. I want French fries!

I’m incredibly embarrassed about how weak I sound… But let me explain:

I’m adjusting the cleanse and switching from a 21-day cleanse to a 24/7 lifestyle. Because I heard those are more effective anyways, right?

Here are 5 things I’ve noticed after the first week:

  • I was not getting enough fiber in my daily diet before this cleanse
  • I feel way better throughout the day when I have more fruits and veggies and get those vitamins
  • I miss cheese but I don’t need all types of dairy
  • Chicken is boring when you eat it every day and fish is expensive
  • It’s easier than I thought to eliminate my craving for refined sugar

It’s obvious that I was eating way too much bread and starch before the cleanse and these are hard on my digestive system, therefore it’s hard on my autoimmune disease. So I will begin adjusting how often I have these things.

And when it comes to sugar; I realized that the longer I go without it, the less I crave it. I really love apples and they’re full of natural sugars. Thankfully it’s a fruit I can get all year round.

But I’m gonna get real with you all: It’s Fall and I’m gonna go insane if I don’t bake.

When I bake, I mostly just give what I make away. I don’t need a whole batch of scones to myself, just one occasionally is nice and that’s all I’ll have. And I love innovative bakers who swear by paleo and gluten free diets but… I stick to the old family recipes. So the gluten free train does not have another passenger, sorry.

When it comes to dairy… I have been blessed with a tolerance to dairy and I don’t take that for granted. I don’t want to cut it out but I can switch up some things.

To sum it all up:

Everything in moderation


I am glad I did this for a week and I learned a lot. I even lost 5 pounds! I don’t want to discredit this cleanse at all, because it has worked miracles for some people. But what I learned is that my lifestyle needs to change and I might as well do that now.

Now that I’m off the cleanse, I’m gonna go eat some sushi. Because no white rice, raw fish, or soy was a freaking joke.


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