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Pumpkin Picking on Sauvie Island

Peach Picking in the Summer, Pumpkin Picking in the Fall! Are pumpkin patches a tradition that will ever get old? Probably not. As I’ve been getting older I realized that these are the kinds of traditions that I tend to cling to. Fall is my favorite time of the year and while listening to the rain hitting a window with a warm cup of coffee in my hands is nice, it’s definitely not enough! I have to be out doing something in order ...

A Fall Necessity

Happy Wednesday!!! This last month has been a weird transition into Fall with some really warm days and then slightly cold days but it’s finally raining and I absolutely love it When I was little, my parents bought my brothers and I plastic ponchos to wear outside when it rained and we wore them all the time. They weren’t stylish at all but they kept us dry and that was more important. But I look at those photos and thank God I ...

Silver Sails

As much as I love Vitamin D, I’m stoked for Fall! Honestly, I get a little uninspired in the Summer when it comes to fashion. I much prefer layering up and living in sweaters. In the Summer I would rather just wear a bikini for 3 months and put on a swimsuit cover when I’m not close to the water. But I heard somewhere that bikinis are not office appropriate, even with a cover. But for one last outfit post of the Summer, I wanted ...
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Tacos and Tassels

In honor of Taco Tuesday, I wanted to highlight my absolute favorite place in Portland for tacos: Por Qué No? This place has the most authentic Mexican food and I honestly can’t get enough of it. I’m not very picky when it comes to Mexican food because I love all the spices and it’s hard to go wrong with it, but nothing compares to the food I had when I visited Cabo 3 years ago. Finding a place in Portland with food to ...

On My Radar: Prairie Underground

Okay let me just tell you guys about this totally rad brand… I recently discovered Prairie Underground while working at my internship. Adorn Boutiques in Portland carries so many pieces by them and I instantly fell in love! But let me talk about the best part: The brand is totally ethical and sustainable. They use a variety of sustainable fibers, such as organic cotton, hemp, Tencel, and so many others. They also use reactive dye and ...

Shorts & Selvedge

Happy Saturday! With graduation and then jumping straight into my internship, the first couple weeks of my Summer have been kind of hectic as I moved back to Portland and have been getting back into a routine. But I’m finally settled in and have started making some awesome plans for the Summer! Stay tuned for lots of Summer recipes, trends, and some awesome activities, primarily in the Portland area! But today I wanna talk about my ...
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I Like Your Style: Savannah

Last weekend one of my best friends flew to Portland all the way from Chicago to visit me for the week! It was a crazy weekend full of food, coffee, and playing tourist around Portland together. I met Savannah over a year ago in Italy where we shared an apartment and a visual merchandising class together and I was instantly inspired by her sense of style! Savannah graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in ...
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I Like Your Style: Sydney II

Sydney’s face and her wardrobe were just too perfect for me to only do one outfit post about how inspired I am by her. Continuing with the theme from our first shoot, this outfit also features a one piece. The black and white stripes paired with the white skirt is so simple and easy for a dressed up look and the white bow on the back adds an awesome detail! This outfit is perfect for spring, especially on cooler nights that call for ...

Study Break

How’s everyone’s Tuesday going? Mine is good but the last couple of weeks have been insane… The last 3 weeks or so have basically been a blur of homework, projects, studying, and too much coffee and not enough sleep. I love school and I love being busy but with final projects being due and a Spring Break to plan, I am exhausted! But I’m officially done with finals and it is such a relief! Do you guys have any fun ...
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I Like Your Style: Sydney

When it comes to fashion, I get inspired by so many different things! I love watching fashion documentaries about famous icons such Iris Apfel and designers like Christian Dior. I also get a lot of inspiration from fashion bloggers and people I have never met but follow on Instagram. But I think that where most of my inspiration comes from is my friends. They’re the ones that constantly surround me with such a diverse range of styles ...