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Christmas Crafts & Cocktails

Gingerbread houses, decorating the tree, making wreaths, parties with good food and cocktails, I believe they call this the most wonderful time of the year? I mean, cocktails are always wonderful but add a homemade wreath and it gets even better! This last week I teamed up with my friend, Jordan, of Honey Lavender, and we spent a wonderful afternoon foraging for wreath supplies and I made us some delicious cocktails to drink while we sat on ...

A Delicious Holiday Tradition

What’s the best part about the holidays? The food of course. Hearty soups, warm drinks, delicious baked goods, and, of course, Thanksgiving! But the baking is probably my favorite! Is there anything better than waking up early on a cold, November day to the smell of cinnamon rolls in the oven? When I think of the holidays I imagine sitting by the fire with a cup of coffee and a warm cinnamon roll. Preferably I’m wearing an ...
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Pumpkin Picking on Sauvie Island

Peach Picking in the Summer, Pumpkin Picking in the Fall! Are pumpkin patches a tradition that will ever get old? Probably not. As I’ve been getting older I realized that these are the kinds of traditions that I tend to cling to. Fall is my favorite time of the year and while listening to the rain hitting a window with a warm cup of coffee in my hands is nice, it’s definitely not enough! I have to be out doing something in order ...
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Tacos and Tassels

In honor of Taco Tuesday, I wanted to highlight my absolute favorite place in Portland for tacos: Por Qué No? This place has the most authentic Mexican food and I honestly can’t get enough of it. I’m not very picky when it comes to Mexican food because I love all the spices and it’s hard to go wrong with it, but nothing compares to the food I had when I visited Cabo 3 years ago. Finding a place in Portland with food to ...

Grilled Margarita and Pesto Chicken Pizzas

One of my favorite parts of Summer? The food. Who doesn’t love a warm Summer night with friends and food? Whether it means sitting on the beach with a couple of cold beers and the evening’s spread laid out on a blanket, or a bunch of people gathered in the backyard for a BBQ, you can’t beat a warm evening with delicious food! My dad, being a dad, has always been an avid griller so about 60% of the food I ate in the summer ...

Summer Sangria

Last November I tried my hand at Sangria for the first time and came up with this simple Holiday Sangria! Traditional Sangria is supposed to be made with red wine but sometimes white wine is a bit more refreshing in the Summertime so I made this one using white moscato. With the addition of lemonade and strawberries, it’s kind of like spiked strawberry lemonade. And who doesn’t enjoy a spiked version of their favorite childhood ...
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The Best Gelato in Florence

Well, the weather is finally getting warmer and all this sunshine is making me crave the rolling hills of Tuscany, Aperol Spritz on the balcony of my Florence apartment, and, most importantly… Gelato! One of the highlights of living in Italy last year was finishing dinner and asking my roommates to walk across the city to our favorite gelato spots. I made it my mission to try as many places as possible during my stay. Before I dive in ...
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Tea Bar

Last weekend was my birthday and I decided to head home to Portland for the weekend to celebrate with my family and have a little down time to relax. It was great and now, sadly, I’m back at school and trying not to crumble under my workload and the prospect of finals in only a month. When I was home I took advantage of being back in a city and spent Sunday afternoon getting tea, brunch, and doing some shopping with my friend Zoë. Our first ...
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A Visit to Le Marche St George

Just like every Instagram crazy millennial, I have a huge obsession with cafes. I’m that stereotypical girl that doesn’t let anyone eat or drink their food until I have taken a picture of it and I actively seek out restaurants and cafes with rustic and vintage atmospheres. I love latte art and I’m not ashamed. Last week I visited Vancouver, BC for a holiday with my boyfriend. While I was reading an email from my Airbnb ...

Brunch at Old Salt Marketplace

Last summer I had set out on a mission to try all of the highest rated brunch spots in Portland but I started with Old Salt and ever since I’ve just wanted to go there again and again… Needless to say, I’m still working on trying new places. But it’s difficult when all I’ve been craving is this place! I went here twice in an effort to try more of their menu and both times they exceeded my expectations! The Old ...