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Christmas Trees on Sauvie Island

Over the summer I headed out to Sauvie Island for peach picking and I decided to return to look for a Christmas tree! Christmas tree shopping is one of my favorite family activities around the holidays because it always means it’s finally time to start decorating! Spending the last week in Portland getting psyched for the holidays with my family definitely made returning to school hard but I can’t wait to finish up finals and ...

Thankful for Cozy Sweaters

While there are so many more important things to be thankful for, I’m very thankful for this sweater when it comes to cold weather and holiday parties! I scored this sweater for an amazing deal about a week ago at Express during their 40% off sale and I’ve been in love with it ever since! This is the outfit I rocked at my family’s Thanksgiving get together but it’s also the perfect sweater to throw on over a pair of ...

Holiday Sangria!

Hey guys! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  One of the best parts of the holidays is hearing about everyone’s different traditions. My family has changed a lot over the years as my brothers and I have grown up and moved out so traditions have been harder to keep. For instance, my dad stopped renting a Santa Clause suit once we all figured it out. And my parents are divorced so usually I get to enjoy the big holidays twice, ...

On the Lookout for Inspiration

Lately I’ve found myself in quite a funk. Maybe it’s the stress of school, trying to decide what direction I want to go in life, how much I hate politics… Ya know, the usual rough thoughts on a Wednesday night. I’ve been completely uninspired and it’s been driving me mad! But today I started to do some research. I realized that I’ve been looking at the same blogs and following the same people on Instagram ...

A Fall Vacation in Seabrook, WA

I still haven’t gotten used to the fact that it is already November! It’s incredible to realize that Fall is more than halfway over and so is my last Fall quarter of college! But who isn’t stoked for the upcoming holidays?! Before I get into that I wanted to share my all time favorite Fall vacation stop with all of you! Spending the weekend of Halloween at Seabrook has turned into a tradition for my family and I look ...

All Tied Up in the Details

Happy Tuesday! We’ve finally reached October and the weather here in the Pacific Northwest is starting to turn grey and cloudy after an unusually hot summer and it’s actually starting to feel like Fall! We all have those little details we love about Fall and today I wanted to share my favorite details! For instance, I love drinking a hot drink while I walk to class, feeling dried up leaves beneath my boots. I also love that I get to ...
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Brunch at Muscadine

My best friend Wanda and I have had a tradition of hanging out the day before I leave for school, celebrating the end of summer and dreading the start of living on opposite sides of the state. This year, we started our last day with brunch in Portland at a southern style restaurant called Muscadine. I’ve never been one to crave fried chicken in the morning but apparently it’s a popular concept so I decided to give it a ...

Il Mercatino Francese Belle Epoque

Happy Monday! Today I’m craving some macarons (just like every other day) and I was thinking about this time last year when I was studying abroad and discovered this awesome market… This weekend is the La Belle Epoque Market in Florence. Also known as “Il Mercatino Francese Belle Epoque.” This market is awesome and I highly recommend not missing out! I went last year when my roommates were off traveling and I was in town alone, ...

My Year Abroad

It’s insane to think that this time exactly one year ago I was boarding a plane by myself for the first time, about to leave North America for the first time, and about to dive headfirst into one of the best years of my life. As soon as I started attending college fairs in high school and receiving numerous brochures from teachers and advisors I looked for two things in a potential university: a location that wasn’t too far or close to home ...
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Peach Picking on Sauvie Island

Blue skies, warm sunshine, and fresh peaches are what awaited on Sauvie Island in Portland, OR. One of the things I value the most when it comes to eating well is fresh, local produce and I’m lucky enough to live close by to so many farms that offer just that! While Fall might be my favorite season for vegetables, Summer is my favorite for fruit. This summer I joined my mom for an awesome day trip down to Sauvie Island for peach picking.