A Fall Necessity

Happy Wednesday!!!

This last month has been a weird transition into Fall with some really warm days and then slightly cold days but it’s finally raining and I absolutely love it

When I was little, my parents bought my brothers and I plastic ponchos to wear outside when it rained and we wore them all the time. They weren’t stylish at all but they kept us dry and that was more important. But I look at those photos and thank God I have more stylish ponchos to choose from now! Because, in the Pacific Northwest, anything to shield against the rain is an absolute must!

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I helped out with a Prairie Underground Sample Sale during my internship over the Summer and today I wanted to show you the other piece I scored at the sale: This Hemp Ghost Poncho!

This poncho is so warm and thick without being too heavy. It’s so easy to slip over a light sweater or long sleeved shirt. And being made out of hemp, it’s much more durable and stronger than cotton. Here are some other fun facts about this fiber:

  • Hemp is a natural fiber so it is biodegradable; similar to cotton, wool, etc.
  • Unlike cotton, it grows very tightly and quickly, making it less susceptible to weeds and therefore needing less pesticides, which usually sink into soil and contaminate runoff
  • Hemp can also be be a good substitute for wood pulp fibers because, unlike other fibers made from wood pulp, it has a low lignin content and requires less chemicals. More natural and it saves trees!

The science of textiles is the only science class I ever walked away from feeling completely enlightened, honestly.

Paired with my Jeffrey Campbell rain boots, I was ready for the rain that hit right after this photoshoot!

Sometimes I feel like hoods don’t fit my head and don’t hang far enough to actually protect my face from the rain but this one is perfect and so cozy.

And check out those details! I love the simple, yet edgy, design.

I can’t stop carrying around this basket bag from Ellen & James! It goes with basically every outfit and adds an awesome bohemian touch.

Another wonderful piece from a quality, sustainable, and ethically focused brand! I may not be going as a ghost for Halloween, but I’ll be rocking the Hemp Ghost Poncho all season long!

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  1. Prairie Underground

    October 17, 2017 at 8:32 pm

    You’re incredible, smart, attentive, and have a killer sense of style. <3

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